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ARX -S full-length face shield visor: Currently, the only Reusable EN166 2002 certified for

medical use on the market!

1.Essential safety equipment: meets the UK Government specifications for the front line on COVID-19.

2.HDPE    high-density plastic is very firm with an excellent temperature resistance and a perfect water vapor barrier.

Made from high-quality PET plastic is approved as safe for food and beverage contact by FDA and similar regulatory agencies throughout the world.

3.Full-length facepiece protection, more comfortable, for long hours of use.

Chemical and scratch-resistant, temperature treated to allow anti-fogging, treated with advanced coatings to impart anti-glare, anti-static properties.

Smooth, elastic headband made from soft silicon up to 120 mm adjustment in diameter

Lightweight, Easy to assemble, and fully recyclable.

4. Wide variety of uses: 

The potential users of face shield visors include :

Healthcare workers, dental providers, veterinary care personnel, laboratory workers, pre-hospital, emergency medical providers, police, trade service providers, carers, wholesalers, retail workers, firefighters, food industries, restaurants, hotel staff, tour operators, cleaners, custodial staff dealing with spills and contaminated waste and many more.

Protect from possible cross-contamination.

For the protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids.

Able to resist low temperatures. High tensile strength.

Waterproof property. Fully recyclable material.

Product dimensions unpacked 330x 300x 20 mm

Product weight 0.120 kg

Care: The protective face shield is reusable! After each use, if used continuously, disinfection every 4 hours is recommended!

Cleaning: A cotton microfiber towel and a detergent ( soap, etc.) Cleaning with a dry cloth is not allowed.


Method – Use gloves, face mask, and if possible, other goggles/ face shield.

Disinfect the area where you will be cleaning. Do not treat several items at a time, split them into batches to avoid cross-contamination!

To make sure that you have cleaned all areas, we recommend disassembling them.

We recommend dipping (submerge) the shields in disinfectant, thereby ensuring that the solution reaches 100 % of the surface.

Using the disinfectant sprays- apply the procedure two or more times to cover the entire surface. You can remove debris from the disinfectant with a paper towel.

Avoid using the same cloth on multiple shields, to prevent cross-contamination.


Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 30 × 33 cm


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