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ARX – Protective Goggles: Currently, the only Reusable EN166 2002 certified for

medical use on the market!

Essential safety equipment: meets the UK Government specifications for the front line on COVID-19.

The lens is polycarbonate glass.

Frame – soft PVC material for better seal and comfort.

Smooth elastic silicone band.

Product size 176 x 65 x 66 mm

Product weight 0.08 kg

Cleaning and disinfection: The goggles are reusable! Cleaning and disinfection after each use is recommended, if the goggles are used continuously, disinfection on every 4 hours is recommended!

Cleaning: The cleaning of the glass is done with a cotton microfiber towel, and a detergent ( soap, etc.) Cleaning with a dry towel is not allowed.

Disinfection: It is important to protect yourself before cleaning your goggles. Use gloves, face mask, and if possible, other goggles/ face shield. Disinfect the area where you will be cleaning. Do not treat several goggles at a time, split them into several batches, avoid cross-contamination! To ensure that your goggles are properly cleaned, we recommend that you remove the adjustable strap.

It is highly recommended to immerse ( submerge) the goggles in disinfectant, thereby ensuring that the solution reaches 100 % of the surface. You can also use aerosol (spray) but apply the procedure at least twice to reach most of the surface.

You can remove debris from the disinfectant with a paper towel, avoid using the same towel on multiple shields, avoid cross-contamination. Always wipe in one direction.


To complete the set, we have a face shield with medical grade and certified for medical use.


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